Music Premiere: Brielle Brown Spellbinds on ‘The Well’

Brielle Brown
Photo: Maria Wurtz

New York-based singer-songwriter, artist, and mentor Brielle Brown introduces her debut EP, The Well, a collection of reflections on being a woman, motherhood, quantum mechanics, awareness, hope, and sorrow.

Brielle Brown
Brielle Brown | Photo: Trina Cary

Talking about The Well, Brielle shares, “I never really thought before—what will I leave this world when I’m gone? Now it’s something I think about every day. My acceptance of mortality has become very real as a mother. ‘The Well’ EP was written from the perspective of mother, artist, mentor. The songs are very elemental and rooted in both human and mother nature. It’s very much an exploration of what consciousness truly means. The most important thing I’ve learned so far as a parent and an artist is that no matter how much I learn, I’m still certain of nothing. There is no certainty, no guarantees. But we still have to keep nurturing our children—our art—ourselves. We have to keep asking the hard questions and searching for answers within ourselves and our communities. I think after this past year, the collective realization that we are all connected is stronger now more than ever. I hope that it springs upon us more change, more love, more art, and more people who understand the beautiful frailty of being alive.”

Recorded live in a single day, the EP was produced by double Grammy-winner Marc Swersky, engineered by Tony Black, Mike Rachlin, and Christopher Gold, mixed by Tony Black and mastered by Leon Zervos. Lyric videos created by Gabriela Sibilska.

The Well features the musical talents of Alan Markley (keyboards), Avishai Rozen (drums), Dave Eggar (cello), Vin Landolfi (guitar), Brian Gearty (bass), Christopher Gold (horns), and Todd Caldwell (organ).

A graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy and The New School University where she took her BFA in Theater and Psychology, along with a Certificate in Creative Arts Therapies, Brielle worked in clinical and classroom settings with special needs populations, using music as a healing therapy. At the present juncture, she is on the Steering Committee for the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine at Mount Sinai Beth Israel.

According to Brielle, “Music is one of the best connection devices we have as human beings, and because of that, I truly believe that it’s an artist’s responsibility to be a forever student of the human condition—to keep questioning why we’re here, why we love, and what it really means to be alive.”

With music featured on VH1, ESPN, ABC, CBS, and NBC, one of Brielle’s multiple gifts is artist development, including artists on NBC’s The Voice. Along with her husband Marc Swersky, she operates Monocentric Music, an independent record label and entertainment company. Her co-writes have amassed more than 500,000 streams on Spotify.

Commenting on her success in artist development, Brielle says, “Nothing gives me more purpose than mentoring young artists. For me, the success of an artist is not measured in fortune or fame but rather in emotional contentment. I believe in nurturing the whole artist and I want each person I write with or develop to not only succeed professionally but to feel like they’re becoming more at ease in their body, mind, and soul every day.”

As a mother, wife, artist, mentor, and entrepreneur, Brielle achieves the impossible – doing it all, while finding time for creativity.

Embracing six tracks, The Well begins with “Concrete Stars,” which won 2020’s International Songwriting Competition. Opening on a low-slung melody blending savors of gospel and Americana, the song emanates thick, creamy layers of color topped by Brielle’s deluxe voice.

The title track features soft, gleaming hues riding a dazzling, measured rhythm. As the melody assumes energy, the beat mousses up, while radiant vocal harmonies fill the tune with glowing colors. Brielle’s voice, laced with gorgeous frissons imbues the lyrics with warm sensuality.

“Let The Water” rolls out on gentle Americana tinctures flowing into a dreamy, rippling melody rife with sinuous layers of sumptuous tones. Painted with quixotic bouquets, Brielle’s exquisite timbres infuse the lyrics with scrumptious surfaces, smooth and expressive.

“She’s Come To Sing” offers lingering filaments, crowned by lustrous horns and the cashmere tones of the cello. Akin to a gospel-laced hymn, “She’s Come To Sing” is at once wistful and bewitching. “Skylark’s Tune” drips with melancholic aromas, while Brielle’s honeyed voice gives the lyrics haunting nostalgic wisps, passionate with unbridled urgency.

The final track, “This Time Around,” journeys on an elegant yet sad piano full of echoing resonance, mirroring Brielle’s deliciously pensive voice.

A sonic confection of pure beauty, The Well oozes intimacy, conveying silky-smooth melodies gilded by the irresistible, pristine voice of Brielle Brown.

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