Music Premiere: Betty Moon Releases New Single “Boilermaker”

betty moon
Photo: Evolver Music
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Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, producer, and guitarist Betty Moon introduces her cover of Royal Blood’s “Boilermaker.”

Talking about the song, Moon shares, “’Boilermaker’ is one of my favorite rock tracks of the modern era, and I was excited to lean into it with my own swagger. While I prep some of this new material, I wanted to put something fresh out there for the fans, and I hope you enjoy the song as much as I did making it for you all.”

betty moon
Betty Moon | Photo: Evolver Music

Merging her sultry vocals with subtle harmonic nuances, Moon infuses the track with compelling savors of grungy, garage rock. “Boilermaker” is Moon’s first release since dropping last year’s Undercover album, a compilation of Moon covering ten of her favorite songs.

Originally from Canada, Moon burst onto the music scene when she signed with A&M Records, followed by releasing her self-titled debut album on the label. Shortly after, Polygram purchased A&M Records, dropping Moon.

Undaunted, Moon started her own label, Violet Records, releasing her sophomore album, STIR. In 2003, she dropped her third album, Doll Machine, via Sextant Records/EMI. Moon then established Evolver Music, releasing a series of spellbinding singles and albums, including Chrome, Little Miss Hollywood, and COSMICOMA.

Moon’s sound, ever-innovative and stylishly provocative, blends elements of rock, soul, punk rock, and electro-pop into sonic concoctions full of beguiling energy. Her music has been featured on elite media outlets, as well as television and film, including Californication, Dexter, Bounty Hunters, Teen Mom Young & Pregnant, Walking the Dead, Last Gasp, and the film, Butter.

With 1,400,000 followers on Facebook and over 94,000 followers on Instagram, along with an international fanbase and constant airplay, Moon is a musical tour de force.

“Boilermaker” opens on chugging, grimy tones riding a potent rhythm. Moon’s seductive voice, smoldering with voluptuous nuances, infuses the lyrics with bewitching, darkly suggestive surfaces.

“Head like a cocktail shaker / Living in a house like an old bodega / Got the odds looking in my favor / Staring at the bottom of a boilermaker.

At once visceral and affecting, with “Boilermaker,” Betty Moon delivers gritty textures, capped by her hypnotic voice.

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