Lyric Video Premiere: Trisha & Thara Unveil “Out of the Dark”

Out of the Dark

Teenage sisters Trisha & Thara introduce their poignant new single/lyric video, “Out of the Dark,” a song written to their mother on her birthday.

Speaking about the song, Trisha & Thara share, “‘Out of the Dark’ is a cinematic and dramatic track that takes you on an emotive journey as we shine light on an irreplaceable person – our mom – who has been there every step of the way.”

While producer Janos Fulop, aka The Arcitype, explains, “Trisha & Thara brought me a demo of an emotional ballad they were working on. I felt the song needed a strongly cinematic treatment to best allow them to convey the emotion behind the lyrics. So, the whole thing is really a climb to the end with more power and movement building along the way. The girls both delivered a powerful performance and I’m happy to have helped in any way to give them the song they had hoped for.”

Based in Boston, Trisha & Thara arrived on the music scene with the release of “You Used To Be” and “Regret,” amassing more than 130,000 streams on Spotify. Both songs appeared on dozens of playlists and were featured on the Women of Substance music podcast, with “Regret” being highlighted on WPKZ’s hour-long show on new releases by rising artists.

In 2022, Trisha & Thara dropped “Too Late Again,” blending pop and EDM flavors into a tune ebbing and rising with vibrant energy. The track hit the number two slot on the Retail Music charts.

Unlike most young indie-pop artists, who post extensively on social media while rarely venturing out, Trisha & Thara perform relentlessly, resulting in a zealous local following.

Opening on low-slung, sparkling piano tones, dripping with sumptuous, sensitive savors, “Out of the Dark” flows into a delicious syncopated rhythm as shimmering leitmotifs glide overhead. The sisters’ velvety, evocative voices imbue the lyrics with passionate, quixotic timbres.

“When you saw me broken down / You helped me off the ground / When I felt like tapping out / You pulled me / Out of the dark.”

At once elegantly alluring and trembling with luscious colors, “Out of the Dark” slowly expands to lush washes of heartfelt resonance.

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