Loryn Taggart Unveils New Music Video “The Vow,” ft. Isaac Symonds

Loryn Taggart
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Montreal-based folk-pop singer-songwriter Loryn Taggart recently released her new single and video, “The Vow,” featuring Isaac Symonds. “The Vow” is the third single lifted from Taggart’s upcoming debut album.

Loryn Taggart
Loryn Taggart | Photo: Jen Squires

“The Vow’s” genesis occurred during a COVID writing session when Symonds and Taggart co-wrote the song.

“I wanted this song to sound like what my positive healing process felt like,” explains Taggart. “When I was grieving, I was really taken care of. I was surrounded by friends, I was close with family; I was always around people who had good hearts and wanted me to get better. I wanted the song to feel just like that.”

Inspired by the sound of Tim Baker’s last record Forever Overhead, Loryn asked Tim’s producer Marcus Paquin to help bring “The Vow” to life. The vocals, guitar, drums, and bass were all recorded live off the floor, and the horn section (recorded at Planet Studios, Montreal) was added in to liven up the song.

Marcus wrote the piano piece in the bridge on a Tom Thumb piano at Studio PM in Montreal, and when seeking background vocals, Isaac Symonds seemed the obvious choice. He recorded them from his home studio on Vancouver Island.

Taggart says, “It was the cherry on top.”

Blending delicious savors of jazz and pop, “The Vow” rolls out on a lush melody full of creamy, sparkling colors, brass accents, and a twinkling piano. Drenched in retro flavors, the harmonics ride a vibrant rhythm laced with finessed percussion and a fat, rising and falling bassline.

Taggart’s luscious voice imbues the lyrics with optimistic tones, revealing her crème de la crème timbres, nuanced and dripping with sumptuous ambiance.

The video, directed by Kevin De Laval, depicts Taggart backstage, dancing, and moving with charming grace. There’s a definite feel-good quality to the visuals, upbeat and fun.

Loryn Taggart has it going on! With “The Vow,” she delivers a jazz-pop-spiked gem of a song – bright and bursting with sonic flair.

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