Loryn Taggart Drops Vibrant New Single “The Reunion”

Loryn Taggart
Photo: Jen Squires

Montreal-based folk-jazz-pop artist Loryn Taggart releases her brand-new single, “The Reunion,” a song about social anxiety, and relying on substances to relax.

Taggart explains, “Social anxiety is something I really struggle with. Big crowds or intimate dates, I’m always overthinking my energy and how I come across to people that I interact with. I know I’m not alone in that and I don’t think the struggles of social anxiety are talked about enough.”

The lyrics narrate attending a high school reunion, a metaphor for confronting the chaos of life, and handling the anxiety through fake confidence or self-sabotage.

“I feel like this song is especially relatable as we’re starting to emerge from two years of isolation,” adds Taggart.

Raised in the Prairies, at the age of 16, Taggart left home and moved to Toronto to pursue her dream. She played in a bar band, followed by performing solo at venues like Horseshoe Tavern, Rivoli, Cameron House, and Le Verre Bouteille. Her music received nominations from Canadian Folk Music Awards, the 18th Annual Independent Music Awards, SoundClash Music Awards, and was the runner-up recipient of the Cobalt Prize for Blues Innovative Songwriter of the Year.

In 2020, Taggart shared the stage with Donovan Woods; in 2021, she landed the role of David Bowie on a tribute tour, followed by performing as Bowie at Place Des Arts, Canadian Arts Centre, and the Amphitheatre Cogeco.

Produced by Taggart and Daniel Lacoste, “The Reunion” features the talents of Loryn Taggart (guitar, vocals), Daniel Lacoste (guitar), Mark Herbert (bass), Levy Bourbonnais (harmonica), Pierre Fortin (drums, percussion), Vincent Rehel  (piano, organ), with Mario Allard, David Carbonneau, and Matthieu Van Vliet (horn section).

“The Reunion” rolls out on a buoyant rhythm topped by delicious flavors of jazz and pop blended into a swaggering big band melody, replete with bright brass accents. Taggart’s lusciously evocative vocals, reminiscent of the ‘50s, imbue the lyrics with posh textures and glamorous tones.

“It’s as if they forgot what you taught them / Haven’t stepped a foot on the ground / Had to go and change my number, notice / You haven’t been seeing me around / Cause this Reunion, it was based off a bottle of booze / All I know is you’re not happy, someone out there has got it better than you, Oooh.”

Oh, so fresh and vibrant, full of sizzle and stylish gusto, with “The Reunion,” Loryn Taggart hits the sweet spot – dead center.

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