Kirsten Ludwig on her new single ‘Wasted Time’: Who What Where When Why

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Who: I’m Kirsten Ludwig, a dream-folk artist from Victoria, BC, Canada with a keen sense for detecting the depth and the hardness of life. I love daydreaming and hate small talk.

What: Please tell us more about your latest single “Wasted Time.”

“Wasted Time” is the first single and title-track off of my upcoming EP, to be released October 4, 2019. It has a slow build with a gratifying finish so I insist that everyone find patience in this day and age and listen to the end, you will not be disappointed!

Where: Where can your single be purchased?

Bandcamp! Or streamed on Apple Music, Spotify, and all those other platforms.

When: When was it released?

August 6, 2019

Why: Why did you decide to write this song; what was the influence behind it?

“Wasted Time” is a plea to the universe to release me from the confines of not only a customer service job, but also the mentality of feeling like I’ve wasted so much time in my life feeling too tired or drained to move forward. This song is about cultivating the energy to either change my perspective on the situation (for everything serves a purpose) or to move forward – with action comes motivation and change, and ironically soon after I wrote this I found a position outside of the customer service industry.

Find Kirsten Ludwig on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.

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