King of Foxes Unveils Music Video for “Pleasant Solutions”

Pleasant Solutions
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Alberta, Canada-based singer-songwriter Olivia Street and her band King of Foxes introduce the music video, “Pleasant Solutions,” a track lifted from their upcoming album, Twilight of the Empire, slated to drop in September via Crystal Baby Records.

Twilight of the Empire follows King of Foxes’ first two albums, Golden Armour and Salt & Honey, both the recipients of vast praise, with Salt & Honey taking the 42nd spot on CKUA radio’s Top 100 Albums of 2019.

Previous singles released by King of Foxes in 2022 include “Only Here on Loan,” “Doomed To Repeat,” and “Swimming in the Undertow.”

“Pleasant Solutions” reveals the day-to-day life of most people – the monotonous cycle of working-to-live, which Olivia sums up in the lyrics: “The car gets you to work; work gets you the car / You breathe but you’re never really living.”

The video, directed and produced by Jarvis Greiner, features a cameo appearance from Stew Kirkwood, the album’s producer, as the boss, and takes place in a mind-numbing corporate office setting. When the boss leaves to go to a dental appointment, the employees let loose, staging a desk chair Grand Prix with live music and tons of confetti.

Olivia Street shares, “The video for this song was incredibly fun to make. When I wrote the song, I was thinking about how I’ve been a person in an office chair as often as I’ve been a person performing on stage – it has felt like a double life sometimes. We all do things to pay the bills, but we all want to be able to follow our dreams! I hope the song inspires people to do what they love.”

“Pleasant Solutions” opens on surging indie-rock guitars flowing into a melody tinted with delicious flavors of pop-rock topped by Street’s evocative voice, imbuing the lyrics with buoyant timbres. A contagious rhythm gives the song an upbeat cadence, while gang-like acapella harmonies infuse the tune with spacious energy.

Brimming with yummy layers of pop-rock leitmotifs, a catchy rhythm, relatable lyrics, and deluxe vocals, “Pleasant Solutions” hits the sweet spot.

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