Jessica Morale Releases Dark, Hypnotic ‘Phases’

Jessic Morale
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Miami, Florida-based dark pop/alt-pop singer-songwriter Jessica Morale unveils her new album, Phases, following on the heels of her debut EP, Good Intent, as well as a series of energizing singles.

Jessica explains “Growing up, I was always afraid of change. But like the phases of the moon or a butterfly emerging from her cocoon, we all have to go through stages and painful situations in order to evolve into something beautiful. I’m learning not to be afraid anymore.”

She goes on to add, “No matter how messed up and incomplete we sometimes feel, we’re all a work in progress and perfectly flawed. Every painful experience we go through as human beings allow us to become the person we’re meant to be. I just want to remind people that they are never alone.”

Phases delves into the experiences we all go through in life, experiences fashioning us into who we are. At once intimate and vulnerable, Phases encourages anyone and everyone to hang tough and push past the obstacles life puts in the way.

Jessica’s sound conjures up suggestions of Halsey, Sizzy Rocket, Fletcher, and Lorde, full of shimmering synths, finessed percussion, and oodles of raw honesty. Not just an artist, Jessica involves herself in every aspect of her music, including songwriting, production, branding, design, and video production.

Like her music, Jessica is stylish, dressing in boho Goth-punk outfits, including a dominatrix belt, which gives her a cooler-than-cool modern revolutionary look. Notwithstanding her look, it’s her music that makes the biggest impression.

Encompassing nine tracks, entry points on Phases include the darkly ominous colors of “prologue,” with dirge-like vocals imbuing the song with eerie, overpowering emotions. “Hit Me Where It Hurts” opens on luminous accents riding a fat, cavernous bassline topped by Jessica’s deluxe, potently sumptuous vocals.

An anthem for today’s twenty-somethings, “deadbeat generation” hits like a punch to the diaphragm, revealing the moody reality of the modern world, made up of drugs, casual sex, and feelings of irrelevance. “GIRLS,” featuring Alex Ran, presents a feminist hymn rippling with powerful synths and dazzling harmonies.

“Take back what you said / Don’t ya mansplain me / I’m not a bitch for saying what I’m feeling / Take back what you did / You know you can’t / Rather be a woman than a man.”

“LUNA NUEVA” offers an elegant, graceful piano number, flavored with classical textures. The final track, “Love Me Better,” rolls out on shades of heavy electro-pop as Jessica’s impassioned tones imbue the lyrics with intense quixotic savors.

Phases is grand, surging with thick layers of dark alt-pop and muscular rhythms, all crowned by the plush, sultry voice of Jessica Morale.

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