GRIPPA Discusses the Emotions Behind Her Debut EP ‘IS THAT HER?’


Teenage indie-pop singer-songwriter GRIPPA’s debut EP, IS THAT HER?, an EP born out of weird core, musical theater, and non-bubblegum pop, reveals the emotional residue of a complicated breakup.

GRIPPA explains, “‘Crash’ is the conclusion of my six-song EP, ‘IS THAT HER?,’ each song representing a different stage of a breakup. As the final song, ‘Crash’ relays how a relationship can go from ‘completely over’ to ‘starting again.’ The song is a mix of sadness and happiness because it talks about a relationship being imperfect and yet inevitable. ‘IS THAT HER?’ is my first EP and it was a very big step because I’d never done this before. It was produced and co-written with the amazing artist/producer YX, and the EP does a great job of capturing and expressing a difficult time in my life.”

Since the release of 2022’s “BEANS,” a song about separating from the purgatory of unrequited love, GRIPPA has released a series of singles, amassing hundreds of thousands of streams, as well as more than 97,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. The result of an untamed aesthetic combined with lyrical authenticity.

Guitar Girl Magazine spoke with GRIPPA, probing for more insight into what makes her music so relevant and introspectively evocative.

What three things can’t you live without?

My family and friends, water,

What inspired your new EP, ‘IS THAT HER?’

I had gone through a really bad breakup, so all of the EP is based on that.

Walk us through your mindset as you recorded the EP.

All my sadness and anger went into these songs but I also had a lot of fun, so you get to see all of it in the EP.

Did your sound evolve naturally, or did you deliberately push it in a certain direction?

Since ‘IS THAT HER’ is my first EP my sound will definitely evolve and I’m getting older too. I know I definitely have other sounds I want to explore.

How did you get started in music? What’s the backstory there?

I’ve always been inspired by Lady Gaga, and my parents would play her in the car when I was young, and I’d sing; they knew something was different so from there I did everything related to singing.

Where are you from?

West Palm Beach, Florida.

Did your hometown impact your sound?

I don’t really think so. I’m still taking inspiration from other singers, and I don’t think living in Florida changes the fact that I can write about crazy things.

Are there any recording techniques you like to use in the studio?

I really try and choose the most random tracks and sounds I can and try and have the most fun I possibly can, and it usually comes out great.

How do you keep your sound consistent on stage?

Well, I haven’t had the chance to do a live show yet while doing this interview, but I have an amazing team that’s working on my live show right now.

Which artists in your opinion are killing it right now?

Sza, I think is definitely killing it right now I think Doja Cat is doing great and even Lady Gaga is still keeping it going.

What’s your definition of success?

I would say there is no real definition. I think if you set a goal and reach it that is success. Then you make another goal, and it just keeps going.

What can your fans expect over the next six months? New material? Music videos? Live gigs?

Well, I should have some live shows coming up soon, and ‘Crash’ just released. I also have super-new music coming out super soon and expect that music to be totally different.

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