Erinn Alissa Releases Passionate ‘Restless’

Erinn Alissa
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Los Angeles-based country-pop singer-songwriter Erinn Alissa recently released her brand-new EP, Restless.

With her delicious sound, falling somewhere between Shania Twain twang and Colbie Callait Cali cool, Erinn’s 2020 debut single/music video, “Over You,” attracted vast attention as well as a presence on elite playlists, including Buzz Music LA, along with her songs being featured on the Women of Substance Music podcast and a finalist in the American Songwriter Competition. Her music was licensed for Elizabeth Blake-Thomas’ short film, Evie Rose.

Encompassing six tracks, highlights on Restless include “Gypsy Soul,” opening on low-slung drawling guitars topped by Erinn’s plush country-lite voice, flavored with sumptuous textures. An oozing organ gives the tune simmering colors, while the mid-tempo rhythm rolls forth easily. A delicious, sinuous guitar solo imbues the song with luminous surfaces.

“All That You Are” rolls out on a soft shiny guitar as a vibrating bassline fills the tune with deep compassion. Rippling with sensuous emotions, Erinn’s voice gives the lyrics weighty quixotic flavors. Radiant harmonies infuse the song with glowing tones, reflecting the profound feeling of the music.

“If I Didn’t Love You,” a song about the pain of ending a relationship, travels on lush, creamy washes of sound as Erinn’s evocative tones infuse the lyrics with tender, poignant sadness. A gentle piano and a drawling, crying steel guitar mirror the melancholy of the song.

“No Rest for the Woman,” inspired by the possible overturning of Roe vs. Wade, features hints of bluesy aromas, along with a low, braying organ and tinges of alt-rock blending with delectable tangs of country-pop. Redolent with aching tones, Erinn’s voice narrates the inequitable treatment of women.

With Restless, Erinn Alissa offers luxurious country-pop embellished by posh rhythms and her opulent voice, at once bewitching and oh so gorgeous.

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