Devora Releases Wicked Debut EP – ‘Outlaw’

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Outlaw-pop artist Devora just dropped her debut EP, Outlaw, via Tiger Tone, a blend of Goth, country, and dark pop, infused with the femme fatale flavors of Devora’s unforgettable voice.

Talking about her sui generis sound, Devora told V13’s Aaron Willschick, “Country music has sort of been ingrained in me since I was a little kid, so I’ve drawn heavily from this influence and fused it with the darker more ‘goth’ aesthetic and sound that I love.”

While growing up in the desert of Arizona, Devora observed the anarchy of desert life, meeting dangerous characters along the way. Mirroring her experiences in her innovative Goth-western sound, she invokes doppelgängers of ghost towns, spectral rodeos, the looming desert, empty motel rooms, fiery horizons, and wild stories of unrequited love.

As a small child, Devora began singing and writing, reflecting her innate musical make-up. Short stories and poetry flow from her. Later, she found herself lingering in cemeteries, as well as journeying to remarkable locations throughout the world, along with delving into medical textbooks and philosophical treatises. In due course, she reached back to those stories with their extraordinary topics and transformed them into songs.

Praised by Wonderland and LADYGUNN, she has been featured on Spotify playlists like New Noise and Fierce Femmes.

Encompassing five tracks, Outlaw begins with “Fist Fight,” opening on dark tones rolling into a shadowy melody rumbling on a reverberating rhythm as Devora’s siren-like voice infuses the lyrics with alluring, portentous flavors, seductive and risky.

“Body Bag” travels on scowling Gothic guitars, murky with heavy textures, followed by ramping up to dusky pop savors surging with sepulchral energy. Low and smoldering with nasty coloration, Devora’s voice imbues the lyrics with sinister intent.

The title track seethes with mysterious dynamics and dirty guitars. There’s a thrilling, cutting edge to Devora’s prowling timbres. While “Not Dead Yet” rolls out on potent layers of punk-like roiling harmonics as a pummeling, thrumming rhythm injects the rhythm with driving, chugging cadence.

The final track, “Elvis,” slows things down, pushing out brawny hues of country savors merging with pop essence. Devora’s voice, low and slinky, infuses the lyrics with simmering erotic tangs as she narrates listening to the King’s velvety tones.

Devora has it going on! Outlaw pumps out luscious layers of dark outlaw pop, pulsating with clotted dark energy and spinetingling vocals.

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