Cindy Sterling Drops Debut Single “Kids Back Then”

Cindy Sterling
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Indie-pop singer-songwriter Cindy Sterling introduces her debut single, “Kids Back Then,” a track lifted from her forthcoming debut album, Roxbury Romance.

The song’s genesis occurred after a girls’ night out when Cindy’s Uber ride passed by Beverly Hills’ Luxe Hotel, owned by her ex’s (Ben) father. Engulfed by the nostalgia of the time they spent together when they were ‘kids,’ Cindy was inspired to write a song about the memory of summer romance.

“Kids Back Then” probes an array of emotions, from longing, guilt, anxiety, and depression to the inexplicable desire of wanting more from a relationship that, initially electrifying, later melted away.  The song became an ode to her time with Ben and a spark for the creation of her debut album, diving into the chapter of her life she associates with her romantic relationships in Beverly Hills near Roxbury Drive.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Cindy’s parents divorced, leaving her with feelings she couldn’t articulate. Music provided a means to deal with pent-up feelings. She began writing songs, playing guitar and piano, and singing. And although an actress, her primary passion is creating and releasing music.

Influenced by artists like Taylor Swift, Clairo, and Girl in Red, Cindy developed her own inimitable sound, a sound both innovative and exceptional.

Along with releasing “Kids Back Then,” Cindy will release a lyric video and music video.

“Kids Back Then” opens on an evocative drum shuffle, followed by the entry of a rumbling bassline and an emerging, wistful hum. As the song takes shape, gleaming guitars infuse the tune with a mandala of shimmering colors, imbuing the harmonics with ebbing and rising mobility.

Cindy’s dreamy, crème de la crème voice imbues the lyrics with luxurious sonic nuances and alluring textures, simultaneously hovering and gliding. It’s one of those sumptuous, redolent voices capable of stirring up warm, liberating moods.

Dripping with creamy surfaces and a spellbinding flow, “Kids Back Then” showcases the deliciously bewitching vocals of Cindy Sterling.

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