Cass Clayton Releases Bluesy “We’re All Going Down”

Cass Clayton

Blues-rock singer-songwriter Cass Clayton releases her brand-new single, “We’re All Going Down,” a delicious bluesy, gospel-tinted song.

Cass Clayton
Cass Clayton

Cass explains, “In ‘We’re All Going Down’ I’m broaching a tough subject, and I have some concerns about the backlash. I don’t ever write something to be controversial, but it seems like I find interest in things that we’re not supposed to talk about. I wanted to write a song about false authority because it’s a huge issue in the world. I have this huge part of me that won’t go along with the status quo, so this is close to home for me. But the song is also about taking a hard look at our own dark side and not hiding from it.”

She goes on to add, “I grew up going to my grandma’s Baptist church every week, but my dad would have nothing to do with it. It was a hellfire and brimstone kind of message each week, and Dad was a partier and exactly what the church preached against. But ironically, even though he was an alcoholic, he’s still one of the most ethical people I’ve ever met and has a huge, loving heart. The judgment the church dished out has always been under my skin, so this song got it out once and for all!”

Presently based in Denver, the Cass Clayton Band released their self-titled debut album in 2018, which won the Colorado Blues Society’s album of the year. Cass followed with Play Nice, which hit the top spot on the U.S. National R&B Album chart, as well as number one in the Roots Music Report.

At the current juncture, Cass and her band are laying down tracks for their forthcoming third album.

“We’re All Going Down” opens on slow, sleazy, seductive guitars flowing into a rhythm oozing a nasty, bluesy cadence. Cass’ voice, at once slick and sumptuous, imbues the lyrics with voluptuous savors of Mississippi Hills Country-laced tones. A braying organ infuses the solo with blistering, grimy colors, followed by a wicked guitar.

With “We’re All Going Down,” Cass Clayton parades her deluxe, intoxicating vocals, delivering a scorching dig to hoity-toity prudes.

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