Blake Red Releases New EP – ‘The Cradle’

The Cradle
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Chicago-based alt-rock artist and guitarist Blake Red recently dropped her EP, The Cradle, delving into topics of redemption and resurrection.

And right up front, let me say this: Blake Red has it going on!

The Cradle follows on the coattails of Blake’s debut EP, S.O.S (Songs On Suicide) and her provocative, powerful single, “Follow Me,” included on the new EP.

Having trekked through the inferno of anxiety, depression, and substance abuse, rather than succumbing, Blake took control of both her mind and soul. In 2021, she revealed her self-admission into a semi-hospitalization program where she found the help she needed to protect her mental and emotional wellbeing.

Emerging from the crucible, stronger, confident, and empowered, she continues to pump out grand, galvanizing music, at once edgy and rife with the muscle of rock, punk, and metal elements.

Written and arranged by Blake, The Cradle was recorded and mixed by Daniel Farnsworth, mastered by Doug McBride, and features Blake’s fellow Berklee College of Music alumni Macklin Suhre on drums.

Encompassing four tracks, The Cradle begins with the title track, opening on growling, grungy guitars riding a pummeling rhythm as Blake’s evocative voice imbues the lyrics with surging femme fatale timbres. Seething with alt-metal energy, a blistering guitar solo injects the tune with swashbuckling flavors.

“The Reincarnation” travels on stuttering guitars rolling into a thrumming melody. While “The Darkness” offers thick layers of psych-rock savors blended with ferocious alt-rock. Intense and snarling, Blake’s sorceress-like tones infuse the lyrics with reckless dynamism.

Closing the EP, “Follow Me” provides the frosting on the sonic cake, pushing out gleaming guitars initially, followed by escalating to brawny, gritty textures on the chorus. Blake’s voice oozes singeing tangs, slicing the atmosphere like a serrated knife.

“Follow me / You’ll find out soon / Where the colors may take you / Find me distant in your head / If I could I’d start again / Knowing I could come back then / Should I leave this all unsaid?”

The Cradle establishes Blake Red as one of music’s premier songwriters, guitarists, and vocalists, pushing forth raw, clotted waves of viscous sound.

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