Alicia Stockman Releases Captivating “Stay Between The Lines”

Alicia Stockman

Utah-based folk/Americana singer-songwriter Alicia Stockman introduces her brand-new single, “Stay Between The Lines,” the first single from her forthcoming debut album, These Four Walls, slated to drop in November. The single features “Nashville’s Americana Queen” Mary Bragg.

The genesis of “Stay Between The Lines” occurred while Alicia was driving home on the highway from New Mexico, and reflects how all of us sometimes “dance between right and wrong and personal limits and boundaries to keep life interesting.”

Alicia’s love affair with music began when she was young and came under the spell of songwriters like Patty Griffin, Brandi Carlile, and Jewel. After playing with a rock n’ roll band in bars, she started writing her own music. Realizing her songs didn’t fit the bar scene, she began performing in intimate venues, where her whisky-laced voice caught the attention of Mary Bragg, who collaborated with Alicia on the upcoming album.

Talking about the album, Alicia says it’s a collection of “songs to make you feel and feel seen. I see you. I’ve been there. I understand.”

Because of her inimitable songwriting and uncompromising performances, Alicia’s songs have received praise from Songwriter Serenade, Tucson Folk Festival, Suzanne Millsaps Songwriter Competition, and the Wildflower! Arts and Music Festival.

“Stay Between The Lines” opens on a dark, blues-rock-laced guitar, surging with thrumming energy. Alicia’s twangy, evocative voice enters, imbuing the lyrics with seductive timbres. On the chorus, her voice blends with glowing harmonies, giving the song mysterious flavors as a steel guitar drawls out wicked colors.

Brimming with striking, contagious textures, at once low-slung and swanky, “Stay Between The Lines” surges with luscious layers of gliding, hovering surfaces. As provocative as the music is, the highlight of the tune is Alicia’s stylish voice.

“Stay Between The Lines” is superb, conveying the oozing voluptuous flair reminiscent of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Games.”

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