Album Premiere: Chesca Drops Spinetingling ‘Feel The Breeze’

Photo: Marta Pru @pru_art
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Bay Area artist Chesca, aka Chesca Musica, introduces her brand-new album, Feel The Breeze, a 10-track collection of intimate, vulnerable songs mirroring profound melancholy, anxiety, and the compulsion to escape.

Chesca explains the album’s genesis, “The previous three or four years, I felt as though I went through so many difficult things – and honestly, without my songwriting, I don’t know where I would be today. It was an outlet and the only way I could process it all. When I started to write music, I immediately felt better, like I was on a path towards physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and heading in the right direction both personally and professionally. ‘Feel The Breeze’ grew out of my time writing, like so many artists did, throughout the quarantine period. When I wrote and recorded my first album, I was busy with performing and a lot of other endeavors – but the downtime allowed me to pause, reflect and really address many of the issues I had been struggling with.”

Produced by Alex Arias, who has worked with Cher, Joe Cocker, Meat Loaf, Matchbox Twenty, Rob Thomas, and The Band Perry, Feel The Breeze is the culmination of discovering the path out of a dark emotional and somatic abyss and advancing toward the light.

According to Chesca, “Many are told they shouldn’t feel sad or open up about their feelings and if they’re feeling pain they won’t fit into what the system wants them to be. But bottling them up and pretending they’re not there can make the situation worse. It’s okay to not always be okay, and if you’re feeling empty and sad the healthiest thing is to bring that to the surface and not be ashamed. On the journey of life, all human beings have emotions, so why pretend they don’t exist? Music is such a powerful, healing force in the world, and it’s where I feel most at peace.”

Feel The Breeze follows on the heels of Chesca’s 2020 debut album, Chesca Musica, and reflects her personal and musical evolution, merging elements of pop, dream-pop, R&B, and EDM. Her pristine sound reveals and expands on her performances at Bowery Electric, Parkside Lounge, Electric Room, and The Bitter End while eliciting the authenticity of artists such as Alanis Morissette, Amy Winehouse, Selena, and Lady Gaga, who were “super-honest about themselves and able to put those emotions into their songs.”

Comprising 10-tracks, the album begins with “Crocodile Tears,” opening on swirling, twirling colors flowing into captivating layers of pop and dance music reminiscent of Lady Gaga. Chesca’s matchless voice, sultry and rife with femme fatale inflections, imbues the lyrics with delicious nuances.

Speaking subjectively, entry points include “You Ain’t The 1 4 Me,” traveling on luscious heated coloration as Chesca narrates her recognition of toxicity. Thrumming with luminous energy, this track sizzles with emotional cogency.

“Orange County Juice” blends a cavernous R&B bassline, undulating on fat reverberating waves, with trap-lite muscle. Chesca’s vocals deliver sensuous savors rippling with carefree tangs. A personal favorite, “Could You Wake Up Now?” surges with hefty alt-rock guitars pushing out thick, intoxicating textures.

Another gem, “Could You Remind Me?,” brims with plump resonant surfaces of neo-soul and R&B, giving the tune an erotic, pulsating feel, allowing Chesca to parade her chic, voluptuous timbres.

Imminent with passion and drenched in the deluxe sumptuous vocals of Chesca, Feel The Breeze dishes out irresistible, stylish music.

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