Air Force Services Releases ‘Artisan Air Series’

Artisan Air Series
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The Air Force Services team produced a new streaming series called Artisan Air. The new series showcases the creativity and depth of talent in both the Air Force and Space Force. It is 28 episodes deep with bonus episodes. So far, they have rolled out five episodes a week between Memorial Day and ending at the end of June, with the full series out by the 4th of July weekend!

Among the artists are three guitarists: Captain Cydnée Reese, SrA Sarah Porrazza, and Major Kim Panagsagan.

Captain Cydnée Reese

Captain Cydnée ReeseCydnée Reese is a 350th ARS based at McConnell AFB. Reese goes by the name Cydnée Alyxzan and is a singer-songwriter who found music at 17. Her influences ranged from soul and R&B to ‘60s Big Bands. With her songwriting, she creates beautiful unique songs and draws influences from friends, family, and her life to tell stories that everyone can relate to.

Cydnée shares, “The opportunity to mix and match the new and the old is always fun! Experiencing my music in different ways keeps even the oldest songs fresh and reminds me of my love and passion for what I do.”

In her episode she performs three original songs including “Everything Beautiful” is a song that explores the positive moments love has to offer.

Reese explains, “The honesty in the lyrics is relatable to anyone who has ever been deeply enamored with another as she dives deep into both literally and metaphorically how it feels to be in love.”

“Shape of Your Love” is off her EP Adoration Collaboration. And while it takes the listener on a comical love story trip, the lyrics display unmatched romantic imagery. “Ain’t Gon’ Beg” is the sassy epitome of “know your worth” and refusing to beg for love.

SrA Sarah Porrazza

SrA Sarah PorrazzaSarah Porrazza is a 4RS/MXAAS based at Andersen AFB, Guam. She is also a talented singer-songwriter who found music at a young age. The multi-instrumental musician describes her sound as indie folk. Her artist’s name is Junetunes.

Reflecting on the new series, she comments, “This project is one of the best ideas I think the Air Force could promote. It really was inspiring to meet other people and see/listen to other people’s work.”

In her episode, she performs three songs including “Drugless Prescription,” a song that comes from her struggles at work, and her therapist who prescribed her more singing and songwriting to help find her center. “When” is about feeling disassociated and frustrated with where she was in life.

Sarah says, “It is the type of feeling where there was so much built-up ambition but nowhere for that ambition to go. I was frustrated but I had no idea why. This song helped me identify those emotions and put my feelings into words.”

And “Astronauts” is about keeping focus even though temptation abounds.

Major Kim Panagsagan

Kim-PanagsaganKim Panagsagan is a USSF/S8 based at the Pentagon. Having been in both the Air Force and the Space Force, Panagsagan is also a talented singer-songwriter who immersed herself in music at a young age.

She says, “Being a musician and an Airman and now Guardian has always been a symbiotic relationship. I remember during my first deployment in Iraq, my guitar really got me through some very isolating times whether it was playing in the Humvee out back or providing music to the coalition base for their Catholic service.”

In her episode, she performs three original songs including “Something Good,” about that initial meeting when you meet someone, and everything just seems to click into place.

Kim explains, “Since the song was so new, I was actually figuring out how to end it during the live recording, so you’ll see two completely different endings from the first take to the second.”

“Palm Trees” was inspired by a friend who helped her think of a theme for a new song, it is about relationships that have very high highs and very low lows. “Stay” is an older song based on actual events, it is about a couple who have been fighting for a while and still love each other but know it’s time to call it quits.

Talking about the experience, she says, “I’m so happy that the Department of the Air Force recognizes and celebrates that their personnel is more than the uniforms we wear with emotions and stories waiting to be told through our art.”

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